Friday, June 28, 2013

Filling Up The Weekend (5)

Yaaaay it's weekend again. And a very special weekend at that, because it's my last weekend before I'm gonna start working again. The eight months I spend in New York and one month back home (being lazy) have spoiled me a bit. So much time to read and do other stuff that I like. But, until I win the lottery, I'm gonna have to work. Otherwise I won't be able to buy new books anymore! Here are a few tips from me to entertain you this weekend: 

I haven't read this book yet but the story sounds interesting and it has a lot of great reviews on Goodreads. Also, look at the pretty cover! 

If you're a chick lit lover and you haven't read anything by SEP yet, shame on you! She's one of my favorite writers and all of her books are amazing. This book is the start of the Wynette, Texas series. You can read the book as a stand alone book, but you can also keep reading the series if you love it as much as I do.

This sounds like a really good book. Not your typical romance book, but with lots of drama, pain and even death. A beautiful book, according to Goodreads. Definitely have to read it soon, are you gonna read it with me?

Just like vampire books, there are also lots of angel books out there. I haven't read a lot that I really like, but the Angel series is amazing. The first one seriously impressed me and the second one was even better! Definitely worth buying! 

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