Monday, July 29, 2013

Review: Stardust by Mimi Strong

Title: Stardust (Peaches Monroe #1)
Author: Mimi Strong
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9781484968048
Genre: New Adult
First Published: June 2013
Buy it: Amazon

There I was, minding my own business at Peachtree Books when this lunatic comes racing in the door and knocks me into his arms. I would have ripped him a new one, but he was hot. Like I-want-to-have-your-babies-now hot.

I feel like I know him, because I stare at his gorgeous face on TV every week. Dalton Deangelo. In the firm, sculpted flesh. Have I mentioned how hot he is? My panties practically flew right off.

Now he wants to get to know me. I can't say no to that face ... or those captivating green eyes.

I'm just a regular girl, and he's rich and famous with no body fat. So, why is he chasing me? And what is this secret of his the reporters are trying to uncover?

I try to keep my eyes wide open. I've made terrible, stupid mistakes in the past. But Dalton Deangelo's touch turns me to Jell-O.

Stardust started off strong. There was a quote on the first page that cracked me up and made me like the book instantly. What followed was a lot more hilarity and I loved it. Peaches Monroe isn't your typical size zero, pretty girl. Oh she's pretty, but she has curves. Lots of them. That's why it's so hard for her to understand that Dalton really likes her, but he won't leave her alone and she can't resist him. That's the start of a hot and steamy relationship. The thing is, Dalton is an actor, and once he finishes shooting a movie in Peaches' town, he'll be gone. Is there even any future for them?

I read this book with a constant grin on my face. Peaches isn't exactly shy and says whatever she's thinking. Because of this there were so many funny quotes in the book, if I had written them all down, I would basically have the whole book on my Favorite Quotes blogpost. 

There were two things that bothered me a teeny tiny bit. First, Dalton pretending to be the character he plays in the vampire TV show. Peaches liked it, but I thought it was kind of silly. Wouldn't you rather get to know his true personality? Second, even though it was hilarious most of the time, in the end all of the different words Peaches could think of, to call a 'vagina' got a little bit annoying. But despite those two little things, I still really enjoyed this book. And I definitely recommend it to all the romance lovers out there.

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