Friday, May 3, 2013

Review: Second Chance Romance by Asrai Devin

Title: Second Chance Romance (Up in Flames #1)
Author: Asrai Devin
Genre: Chick lit
First Published: 2009
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12 years ago Kip Turner let the girl of his dreams go to pursue his dream of playing hockey. Kip and Mandy were opposites in high school. He was popular and good looking. She was unathletic and shy. Despite their differences they fall in love. A year after high school, Kip is drafted into the NHL. He's going to a play across the country. Mandy is pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher and she refuses to go with him while insisting that Kip follow his own dream. Kip goes to follow his dream and they break off their relationship 12 years later ..They come into contact again. Mandy is a single mother and Kip has been playing hockey. But fate has moved them to neighboring Albertan cities. Could they renew their old relationship and have a successful end Or is Mandy going to let him go all over again

I got this book as a freebie on so I thought, why not try it? The cover looks kind of silly but I guess you don't need to spend much time on a cover if you're book is only available as an ebook. The thing I don't understand about this book, is why it has so many spelling errors and missing words, or words in places where they shouldn't be. It makes me wonder if she let anyone proofread it before it got published. For me, it was kind of distracting and I think it's one of the reasons this book didn't grab me. I couldn't really feel the chemistry between Sydney and Kip. Too bad, because it could have been a really good story.

What I also find annoying is that Devin keeps mentioning Sydney's weight. After a while I was like, yes I get that she's chubby! Stop talking about it! Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with Sydney not being skinny, on the contrary, I like it when main characters are far from perfect. But you don't have to talk about it all the time.

I've thought a lot about how many stars I should give it. 3 seems like too much but 2,5 seems like too little. But, after comparing it to other 3 star books I've decided to give it 2,5 stars. If there wouldn't have been so many spelling errors I would've given it more.

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