Friday, June 14, 2013

10 Reasons Why Reading Is Awesome And Everyone Should Do It!

This is a blogpost for all you book haters out there. I'm hoping that, even though you normally don't visit my blog, because well.. it's about books, the title still catches your eye and you take a few minutes to read this post.

It's no secret that I'm addicted to reading, but I think it's really sad that there are still so many people out there who think reading is stupid or dorky. Or worse, that there are no books that they will like. If you're one of those people, let me tell you one thing: You are so very wrong. Keep reading if you want to know why that is. 

1. When reading, you can create a movie in your head. And even though the script has been written for you, you're the director of the movie. You can interpret "the script" however you like and make everything look the way you want it too. Who needs movies when you have books!

2. Got into a fight with your parents, best friend, or your sweetheart? Need something to distract you so you don't feel so awful for a while? Read a book! Because you need to focus on the story, you can't focus on your own problems.

3. There are a billion different genres (well maybe not thát much, but you know what I mean.) So if you hate all those vampire stories, but you love to watch CSI, Criminal Minds, or Law & Order, there are plenty of detectives you can read.

4. You can learn a lot from it. I can honestly say that books help me improve my vocabulary.

5. In addition to point 4, books can also help you learn a language. If I wasn't reading so many English books, my knowledge of the English language wouldn't be nearly as good as it is now, and I wouldn't have written this blog for you!

6. According to your parents playing video games is a waste of your time, watching movies is a waste of your time, but there aren't a lot of parents who think reading is a waste of your time. Actually, when all of a sudden you start reading, they will probably even be proud of you!

7. Books take you to all kinds of places, without leaving your home. You can practice magic at Hogwarts, you can get hot and sweaty with sexy businessmen in Seattle, you can solve crimes in the streets of London, or you can meet starcrossed lovers in Verona.

8. Ever been in a situation where you were sure you had it right and you didn't want to hear what someone else had to say about it? Books make you empathize with different people, see into their heads, and learn to look at conflicts from various perspectives.

9. Reading is good for the brain. Because you often read a book, your brain can absorb and process information faster. Can come in pretty handy when you're studying!

10. And last but not least: Reading is fun. I can't even remember all the times that I was reading with a huge smile on my face, or when I was laughing out loud. And we all know laughing is good for you!

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