Saturday, June 1, 2013

My first time attending a book signing!

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but I'm so busy with packing and everything, because I'm going back home today. The eight months I spend here in Tarrytown, NY flew by. It's been a week filled with "last times." Last class, last visit to Manhattan, last lunch at the awesome indian place etc. But there was also a "first time" this week: My first time going to a book signing! 

On May 30th Richelle Mead, Sarah Dessen, Marie Lu, Andrea Cremer and Rick Yancey did a Q&A and a signing at Barnes & Noble Union Square in New York. This event was actually on the same day of a graduation cruise, that my school organised, but meeting Richelle has been a dream of mine for years, so I decided to skip the cruise. And boy, am I glad I did!

I arrived at B&N over three hours before the event started. Lucky for me, I was one of the first people to get there, so I could sit in the front row. After chatting with the girl next to me for a while, and reading for a couple of hours, the Q&A started! I was sooooooo excited about seeing Richelle in real life. And together with four other authors, so cool! The only one I didn't know was Rick Yancey, but he was absolutely hilarious and made me laugh every time he answered a question. I felt like Richelle was kind of shy, but it was still very awesome to hear her answers to all of the questions.

After that, it was time for the book signing. Because I was in the first row, I could go first. I was SO nervous, it's not even funny. My hands were literally shaking! I had a whole bunch of things in my head that I wanted to say to Richelle, like how great an author she is, how much I love her books, how important they are to me, but I forgot everything. All I could blurt out was how nervous I was and that it was so great to meet her. I wanted to slap myself in the face afterwards. I acted like a complete idiot. But it was still a really great evening. Richelle is my hero and my role model. I'm happy I spent my afternoon and evening at B&N instead of my graduation cruise!

I wanted to wait for everyone to finish, so maybe I could get a picture with Richelle, but one of the people who worked at the event told me she wasn't gonna take pictures with anyone. A real bummer, but I'm super happy I got my favorite Richelle Mead book signed: Blood Promise. 

It's probably not gonna happen, but if Richelle ever does a book signing in the Netherlands, I will be first in line and this time I will say something normal instead of just fangirling all over her!


  1. Leukkk! Ik ben ook ooit naar een signeersessie geweest, dat was ook echt geweldig!


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