Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Forbidden to Love by Debbie Davis

Title: Forbidden to Love (The Erosians #1)
Author: Debbie Davis
Pages: 370
ISBN: 9781482725865
Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy
First Published: Maart 2012
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The Gods Made Me. They Own Me. They Rule Me.

Well, they like to think they do.

Almost a year ago I was rejected and banished by Eros the God of Love. Now I've been forced by Eros to live a life of slavery in the mortal world completely forbidden to love anyone but him - unless I want pain, heartbreak and torture to feature heavily in my future.

My hatred for Eros is almost as strong as my desire to escape this life of loneliness, which is looking very unlikely. Until I see him, the auraless mortal, who steals my breath and burns my heart. Now I have to find a way to be with him even if that means losing everything I have and starting a war to end all worlds. Lucky for me this guys willing to kill to give me a life.

I may be forbidden to love but I'm determined to live.

(I tried not to give any major spoilers in this review, but I couldn't write it without revealing a few things you might not want to know, if you don't like spoilers) 

This book turned out to be very different than I thought. It had some unexpected twists that weren't always positive. First, I thought it started kind of slow. I didn't really fell in love with the male lead character immediately. It took me awhile to really like him. The thing I also found a bit weird is that Josh found it so easy to agree to run away with Acacia. 

Then came the first twist I wasn't expecting. It's hard to talk about it without giving any spoilers, but let's just say that I definitely liked the second guy that came into Acacia's life. The whole experience she had with him was kind of weird to me, but Luca made up for a lot of the weirdness.

The ending was a bit unexpected too, but in a good way! It made me wonder what will happen next, and so it made sure I'm going to read the next book. Can't wait to see what will happen in the whole Acacia, Josh and Luca love triangle, now that everybody knows everything.

I'm giving Forbidden to Love 3,5 stars. I'm always in for book with greek gods in it and I really hope the second book will take that weird feeling I had with this book away.

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