Friday, July 19, 2013

The Book Buying Tag

I found this Book Buying Tag on several Dutch blogs and I thought it would be fun to fill it out, too. This way you all can get to know me a little bit better.

1. Are you addicted to buying books?
Maybe a little... Well, maybe a lot… Okay fine, I admit: Yes, I am addicted to buying books.

2. When do you usually buy books?
Well, probably after I get my salary.. Or if I spot a bookstore when I’m in the city. Or when the newest book by my favorite author was published. Or when I feel crappy. Or when I’m bored. Or when I think I deserve a new book (or two). Do I need to go on?

3. How many books do you usually buy each time?
More than one, that’s for sure. I think the average amount is three.

4. Do you prefer to go book shopping alone or with someone else?
Alone. I love browsing a bookstore and read all the blurbs of the books that grab my attention. I can’t do that if there’s someone with me, yapping in my ear. None of my friends and family like reading as much as I do, so they probably don’t even want to come book shopping with me.

5. What draws you to a book?
The cover of course, that’s the first thing you see in a bookstore. But also the title and writer. I admit, I rather read books written by woman, than by men. So when I see

6. Is there a specific section where you immediately go to, when you’re in a bookstore?
Young Adults first. Than the paranormal section. And then chick lit. What I hate about Dutch bookstores is that they don’t all have YA sections. A lot of them call it children books. Seriously? I feel like a five year old when I’m standing there trying to find the right books.

7. Do you prefer to buy new books, or second hand?
Although I do buy second hand books sometimes, at a sale or a market or something, I prefer new books. I really hate it when my books are damaged or if it shows signs of usage by someone other than me.
8. What’s the average amount you spend on books every month?
Pfff, I have no idea whatsoever. That differs every month. I guess it depends on my financial status.

9. Have you ever forbid yourself to go book shopping?
Yes, ever since I came back from New York I’m not allowed to buy books. Surprisingly, I really haven’t bought any books yet. Who knew I had it in me, to control myself?!

10. How long after you buy a book, do you usually start reading it?
That depends on the book. If it’s a book I have been looking forward to for months, like a sequel or something, I read it immediately. But if it’s an impulse buy, I usually wait a few weeks or months so read it, because I have other books that I’d rather read first.

11. Do you prefer to buy multiple, cheap, thin books, or one expensive big book?
Multiple, but I don't like thin books. I usually don’t really buy hardcovers, because they're crazy expensive and I love paperbacks more, anyway. Unless the paperbacks aren’t published yet and it’s a book I’m freaking out over because it’s epic and I have to have it immediately. Bookdepository always has great prices, even for books that aren't the small pocket versions, so that’s really my favorite book webshop.

12. Do you have anything to add about your book buying addiction?
My addiction really isn't this bad. I can control myself, I swear. Wait, why am I even defending myself? You know what, I'm an addict, and I'm proud of it!!

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